Lists of Trusted Slot Gambling Sites

Welcome to today’s article. In today’s article, we would be reviewing and giving recommendations regarding a few gambling websites

Lists of Trusted Slot Gambling Sites in Indonesia

These gambling websites specialize in slots and have been around for quite awhile. All of these websites are trusted and have been used by millions of people. With a huge daily fan base, our site is truly the website to find all your gambling needs.

Besides its safety

To begin with, there are a few things to consider when looking for gambling slot websites. One of the first things to consider is how trust worthy and safe a website is. Besides its safety, you should also judge a website by how they treat their customers. The best websites would treat their customers well and give easy explanations. Our article will surely ease any trouble when it comes to finding the right website. We have spent quite the time to compile a number of websites that are useful for gambling.

We will update our players with new information

Our teams had also tested and made sure that these websites are credible. We assure you that the websites displayed here today will fulfill all your gambling needs in one site. This article and page itself will keep on being updated. Depending on what our team finds everyday, we will update our players with new information. Whether a new website has entered the list, or we might even remove websites from the list.

Here are a list of the best and trusted slot gambling sites:


Lists of Trusted Slot Gambling Sites! Another website that has a huge variety of games are Bigwin333. This website will surely fulfill any gambling needs. Bigwin333 offers a wide cross platform gambling experience for you gamblers out there. Using this website, you can play anywhere and any time. This website is accessible in many different platforms and can satisfy your gambling needs.


The best team of customer service from Bandot4D is ready to serve its players. Bandot4D is another gambling website with a huge reputation and credibility in Indonesia. This website alone has thousands to hundreds of thousands players daily. They offer amazing bonuses that reach up to 20%. Besides bonuses, their referral program is a must try if you want to get more money.


Nusantara88 is one of the prime leading gambling websites in Indonesia. They have a huge fan base and a daily player base of hundreds of thousands. One of the specialty of Nusantara88 is to provide the best gambling experience for its players. This is why they have a lot of active loyal players.


Last but not least is one of the people’s favorites in gambling sites. Angsa4D has proven to be a leading gambling website on the internet. They have a huge variety of games that can be tried. All of the games are accessible in one website. Besides that, Angsa4D also has a high win rate. This would surely give you the adrenaline rush to get more money.


Untung88 is one of the largest and most trusted online gambling sites in Indonesia. Untung88 online gambling site also offers many games that can be played in only one account. In addition to the variety of games we offer, the Untung88 gambling site has become a favorite for hundreds of thousands of customers in Indonesia. Every day there must be active players up to thousands of people and also new players. We are ready to offer all the features you need. So you don’t need to look for other online gambling sites besides the Untung88 site.

Raja Eropa

Raja Eropa is a trusted online gambling site in Indonesia. In addition to soccer gambling, Raja Europe also provides other online gambling games such as casino gambling, poker gambling, and online slot gambling, fishing games and so on. King of Europe as a trusted provider of online gambling betting, has years of experience and has hundreds of thousands of members from various types of online gambling games such as soccer gambling, casino gambling, fishing shooting, online slots and online poker.


Bet21Indo is an online casino and banda gambling agent that provides various types of the best gambling games. With the support of a professional team that is ready to assist you for 24 hours


NUSABET as a company engaged in online gambling games and is known as a football agent site, online casino agent, slot game agent in Indonesia, as a trusted soccer agent and the best online casino agent NUSAWIN is committed to providing the best service and the process of depositing and withdrawing all funds can be done quickly and no more than 3 minutes. Both NUSABET online gambling companies are very experienced in the world of online gambling where our parent company has been operating from 2010 until now and has handled hundreds of thousands of members in Indonesia. Our company is headquartered in Cambodia and has received official permission from the government in Cambodia.


SEVENBOLA is back again to bring excitement to the world of online gambling. Bandar ceme SEVENBOLA is one of the best poker gambling sites in Asia. This is because our site offers many game variants that can be enjoyed. So that you all don’t need to switch sites just to play different kinds of games. We will offer all the games you need in one site. This SEVENBOLA soccer gambling site has active players up to thousands of people every day.


BET2POKER or B2poker is an online poker site that is well known in Indonesia and has been operating since 2015 until now and BET2POKER has served tens of thousands of members in Indonesia. BET2POKER is a subsidiary of where bet2indo is a betting company that has been operating since 2006 until now and has served hundreds of thousands of members in Indonesia.


XPO88 is present and offers many of the best online slot games. The XPO88 online slot gambling site is one of the largest slot sites in all of Asia. XPO88 offers more than just slots. There are various kinds of games such as soccer gambling, casino, jackpot, and others. This can all be played by customers without any obstacles. In addition, XPO88 also offers many interesting features, Progressive Jackpot is the most sought after game by everyone. With the money that continues to grow, you will definitely benefit from playing on XPO88.

Security and Safety of Gambling Websites

How to find the best Trusted Slot Gambling Sites

Casino games are very fun to play with especially when you are bored. Whether you are new players or loyal fans, there are always new games to try. When looking for these games, it is often very hard to choose which websites to play on.

There are many people that would love to try gambling sites but are scared to do so. So what can you do to find the best sites without being scared? Our website would love to help you find the best gambling sites there is on the internet.

First things to keep in mind when looking for a gambling site is whether or not the gambling sites use a safe system. These safe systems are servers that operate strictly and privately. There are many gambling servers that offer the safest way in gambling. You have to find websites that utilize such servers. These servers would make sure that all of the private information you have put in will stay anonymous. Player’s information is very important in online gambling. You do not want that sensitive information falling to the wrong hands of course.

Players have to be aware of online gambling site scams. These fraud would aim to steal your money and get away with your private information. So be very selective when it comes to choosing your gambling site. Watch our for the systems they use in these gambling websites. If they are a credible website, they would be able to explain it to their players without hiding anything. Our list can surely help you players with finding the right website right now.

Ways to Identify a Safe Online Casino

Online gambling websites would prioritize in securing its players personal information. It is important to understand the operator that these websites are using. Each website would have a well known operator. So do your research before trusting personal data into a website. Play safe and don’t go too much in putting your money inside these online gambling sites to begin.

There are a few factors that makes a operator trust worthy. Casinos that are really safe would have 3 things in common.

  • They are given license and permit by officials
  • Every game has a fair play system so that no cheating is allowed
  • Encryption technology that is utilized to protect transaction

Now lets examine these factors more and learn how to really find a safe online casino.

License and Regulation

Finding a online gambling website with international standards can be challenging. But that is the key to finding a safe online gambling website. Trust websites would receive the proper licensing from government officials. By doing this, they are securing their websites and making it trust worthy for the players. License and permissions are only given to a properly examined website. Hence, not every website can receive this kind of licenses.

This is a bit different in Indonesia due to the legality. But overall, these websites still has to follow the global standards of online gambling. Players are recommended to find a tag in all of these websites. The tags would show ‘Committee of International Gambling’. By finding websites with tags like these, they are surely tagged and marked as a trusted and safe website.

License like those would only be offered to websites that has pass certain examinations. You could also see the operating system of each gambling sites with different logos on the bottom page. There will be a few logos that you can look up into. If these logos seem familiar, most chances are the websites are safe.

Authority of International Gambling

Commission Control of Alderney Gambling was formed in early May of 2000. The Comission Control of Alderney is responsible to watch over the online gambling in a country named Alderney. They are strict with regulations and follow a set of rules. Each rules fulfill the global leading standards in online gambling.

  • Isle of Man Supervision Comission – This independent commission is formed at the year of 1962. They are the first independent commission that regulates gambling. Besides managing offline casinos, the commission also takes care of online gambling websites. Making the commission one of the most significant stake holder in keeping sure online gambling websites are safe.
  • Gambling Commission & Authority of Gibraltar – Gibraltar is an area with jurisdiction to support businesses. This includes the support of online gambling. With that in mind, Gibraltar offers to support businesses with regulation, stability and most of all transparency. At 2005 they are granted the authority to regulate a few of the major gambling websites online. From that year on, many gambling websites have to obey the rules of Gibraltar and its gambling commission. This is done so that Gibraltar can uphold its reputation in the gambling industry.
  • Malta Gaming Authority- This last commission is a very competent commission in the gambling industry. Malta Gaming Authority make sures that gambling sites offer transparency and safety to its players. This is done to avoid any scams, frauds and money laundering. Malta Gaming Authority has done a great job to secure individuals that access and plays online gambling games.

Independent Game Testing

Fair play is one of the key components to make a great gambling website. This is also done to give the proper licensing to online gambling websites. Operators and trusted servers gives this transparency and a high level of integrity. That is why online gambling websites have to use these operators to ensure the safety of its players. The RNG or random number generators of these operators have been approved by specialized individuals. By passing all examinations, the commission would finally grant them permits to operate these online gambling websites. These tests are not done once, but thousands of times. These are done to really make sure that the outcomes generated are random and not rigged.

A few agents that tests these operators are eCOGRA, GLI, TST and Gaming Associates.

These companies also do testing to analyze how much money are actually being paid to the winners of gambling sites. This is done to ensure that no money is taken out. Transparency and integrity are really suppressed into these online gambling websites for sure. Each company would then produce a report that shows how much percentage of the money are done in these online casinos. By doing this, there would be no scams and would prevent frauds.

Technical Safety

One of the key importance when playing online gambling casinos are personal data. This is the same as when you go to a traditional casinos. When visiting a conventional casino, you would have to provide the same information in order to play. These information vary from banking informations, and other personal details such as name, address, and date of birth.

Reputable online gambling casinos would prioritize the safety of its players. There are many cyber threats that could be a threat to all the personal information that are given to the websites. These high ranked websites would use a tight and high end security system. One of which are called SSL protocol. This would quickly ensure all personal data remains private and away from anyone else. SSL systems are also hack proof, so there is no need to worry when playing in these websites.

A good operator is also key to reaching a good level of safety. Operators would have the best team to protect online websites from any viruses and malwares. So when you find a websites with a trusted operator, those should be the websites you play on.

Other Characteristics of a Trusted Online Casino

Besides owning a valid license, trusted online casinos also show a pride in other prime attributes of their website. These websites would offer several payment system and would ease any difficulty in transactions. Trusted online casinos would put the work to make their website reputable and popular. These can be reached by giving out heaps of bonuses as well as quality treatment to its players. Trusted online casinos would take the small steps and details to make sure that their players receive the proper treatment.

Proper Customer Service

Customer services are a must when it comes to online gambling websites. This is one of the must have features of an online gambling website. You may not really see the importance of customer services. They serve a great purpose when there are troubles that the players face. Such as transaction errors or any other help that players would need.

A trust worthy operator would be capable of handling services like these. Customer services are demanded to be available for 24 hours every day. This is done so that players would receive the appropriate help if needed.

Many trusted online gambling websites would offer contact methods through emails, telephone calls or even text messages. A quick response time is very important to keep the players’ loyalty.

The quality of a customer service should not be under estimated. The importance of this feature itself serves a great purpose when it comes to a loyal fan base. Without a good service, there would be not much active players everyday. Customer services should be able to provide the answers to the needs of its players. Besides that, manners and kindness should be shown to the players when answering questions.

Offers Great Bonuses for Players

One of the main highlights from playing in an online casino is receiving bonuses from the website itself. From the time you join and become a member, there will be bonuses and promotions waiting for you. It is important to understand that all bonuses will have different terms and conditions. The bonuses of course will ensure the players to gamble and play more.

Bonuses that are given usually range from 5% to 20% more from your winnings. Some even give deposit bonuses of up to 20%. This means that you would receive 20% additional credit from what you deposited.

Easy Methods of Deposit and Withdrawal

A trusted and licensed online gambling website will have to provide alternatives to deposit. Alternative methods are very useful to give options to its players. If there are no other methods of transfer or deposits, players would most likely choose another website to play on. Even when the encryption technology of a website is safe, there are other things to consider when finding a trusted website.

Operators that are licensed and safe would have a faster rate of transaction compared to unsafe operators. Casinos that are trusted should have several methods of payment. These includes credit cards, debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Amex, e-wallet like paypal Skrill, Netteler, direct bank transfers and more digital wallets to choose from.

Keep in mind that trusted operators would do an identity check of its customers before receiving their money. This is a very common terms and conditions to obey from a licensed gambling website. This is done to prevent any money laundering and other frauds.

If you want a quick and easy method to deposit, we recommend using Paypal as a deposit method. Paypal has been used by millions of users and allows users to easily transfer funds. Paypal would offer to pay for casino deposits if they have verify its safe. So Paypal can be an indicator tool to detect a trusted website from an untrusted one. Paypal would not take risks and associate itself with unsafe operators. Hence, using Paypal can be a good choice if you want to increase authenticity and safety.

Social Responsibilities

Gambling is a good form of entertainment for a lot of people. But for some, it is an addiction and they could not stop playing online gambling games. This is where reputable casinos step in and help its players. Serious casinos should offer help as this is their responsibility and obligation to help their players. One thing casinos could offer to help is to provide the proper care to treat the addiction of its users. Some of the features that reputable casinos use are for example such as limiting the time of playing, placing limits on bets or even deposits.

Famous and reputable casinos would have a tight relationship with charities aim to stop gambling. Casinos with high reputation should care for its players and provide the right support group for them. Some of these organizations and charities include GamCare, GambleAware, and Gamblers Anonymous.

Conclusion: Security Comes First

The safety of your well being should be your priority when it comes to online gambling. It is very important to find the right website to play in. Finding the right website would also provide an ease of mind to players. Hence the players does not have to always fear for their well being.

There are many reputable and trusted casinos. In today’s article, we have presented you a few of our favorites and have been tested for their safety. If you wish to look for other articles, we highly suggest that you follow all of the tips that have been given to you.