Seven Best PS3 Soccer Games, PES 2020 Just Released!

best PS3 soccer games

Everybody loves football. There are billions of people in the world who really love football. We all know that football is universal sport; that’s why this kind of sport is so popular right now. For you football lovers, you must have your own way how to enjoy and to get much satisfaction from this game. And PS3 soccer games just the most fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top best PS3 soccer games you can play. You can pick up the newest one that must make your day so perfect. It’s up to you to select PES or FIFA football games that are now very popular for football lovers.

List of Top Best PS3 Soccer Games Recommended To Football Gamers


Best PS3 soccer games have collaborated with PlayStation developer to create the most comfortable and practical games to play. With console support, all gamers will be easier to enjoy the game while playing that game. They can use both hands to get the best experience in playing their favorite PS3 soccer games. Well, to give you more information about these games, here we have a list of fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top best PS3 soccer games we recommend to you. Let’s check them out.

FIFA: Best PS3 Soccer Games on Resolution

FIFA Football is listed as one of fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top PS3 soccer games we recommend to you, football lovers. This game is a virtual simulation of the real football games played in several most popular leagues, such as UEFA Champions League, Seri A Italy, etc. These tournaments, of course, offer us the most entertaining real games.

For your information, FIFA Football games have been released annually by Electronic Arts, one of the best game developers in the world. Electronic Arts is running these games for years under EA Sports label. Several years ago, the developer has supported these games with more language availability (18 languages). With this new upgrade, FIFA Football as one of top best PS3 soccer games is available in 51 countries in the world.

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PES 6 was one of fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top best PS3 soccer games, but now the position was changed by the newer generations of this game (PES 2011, PES 2015, PES 2018, and the newest one: PES 2020). PES 6 was firstly launched at the end of PlayStation era. Since the game is categorized as the first generation of console-support football game, PES 6 definitely uses light and simple specifications. But the overall performance and features are also so simple compared to its newer generations. However, the gameplay still is the favorite one. Many gamers really enjoy the game at that time.

One of point pluses of PES 6 as one of top Best PS3 Soccer Games is the game is compatible with all simple-hardware devices. There is no particular specification of devices used to play this game. This game is also so friendly for less-capacity-memory devices. Of course, these are the good reasons why the game is the best and most favorite for football lovers.

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In addition, this first generation of fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top best PS3 soccer games is available in various modes. The gamers are free to choose which mode they love the most. They can select one that’s the best and suits their need.

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PES 2011

Some football lovers say that PES 2011 is one of top PS3 soccer games in 2011. The game has some best features and advanced specifications. The gamers really love the upgrades.

One of the best features of PES 2011 is the facecam. Facecam is a new feature that visualizes the virtual football players as same as the real ones. Not only the faces of the players, all gestures and movements of the virtual players are also set as the perfect as the real ones. It’s so amazing, isn’t it?

Do you know? Lionel Messi has ever been the primary icon of this game. Hi Messi lovers, you really proud of him, right? Maybe all people in the world know that Messi is one of the best football players in the world. He is the biggest rival for other football players, especially Christiano Ronaldo.

Related to the quality of the game, PES 2011 has a claim that this is one of the recommended fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top PS3 soccer games that year since it’s very similar to the real gameplay. You can see it from how the developer designs the football court, how the developer presents all football players and crews, how the developer creates the noise of the crowds, etc.

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PES 2015: Best PS3 Soccer Games with FOX Engine Technology

PES lovers assumed that PES 2015 was Konami’s comeback. Fans of Konami accepted the new fact that their idol had bad times for years. Early 2014 is the hardest time for Konami since his PES 2014 just launched. Based on the news, PES 2014 is the failure.

 A year later, Konami paid the failure. He launched the new one called PES 2015. In this game, Konami inserted a new technology, FOX Engine. FOX Engine is the newest technology that has the capability of visualizing a responsive and solid graphic. With this technology, PES 2015 really spoiled the gamers with the most realistic game ever. This is the reason why a lot of gamers agree that PES 2015 is one of top best PS3 soccer games.

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PES 2017

Hi Barcelona lovers, you must be so proud of your iconic idol, Lionel Messi, is the primary icon of PES 2017. A fact says that this game has been one of fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top PS3 soccer games, Konami. Konami focuses on the gestures and movements of the virtual football players. He really wants to present the best game by re-updating some features, especially the features related to the visualization and audio. He also figures out the details of movements and gestures that will bring the most fantastic experiment for the gamers.

If you ever played this game, it’s very clear to see that each virtual player showed fluid and realistic movements. Of course, this was the best achievement for Konami. But, the specifications of the game did not change much, so it had a similar quality of performance with the previous generation.

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PES 2018


Like the previous generations, PES 2018 has become one of the most popular and top best PS3 soccer games. This game has brought thousands of gamers to enjoy the game for hours and hours. As the new PS3 game, PES 2018 owns much more advanced and high-tech specifications and features. The elements have collaborated to create the most stunning and the most perfect game that year. The newest upgrades go to graphic quality including visualization, colors, and audio effects.

When we look back at this game, we can see that the graphic quality, particularly the visual effect, is as clear as the crystal. The visual is sharp and so dense in colors. The audio, additionally, gets so much better to hear. The crowds’ noise is reduced but still be fantastic.

Look at the football court in this fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top PS3 soccer games, it feels like the real one. The crowds in the game also are real as those in the real football stadium. But the bad news is that the game that’s claimed as the top PS3 soccer games 2018 should end the contract of license with some world’s popular leagues.

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PES 2020


Football lovers, it’s time to review shortly one of fun way to enjoy. There are some options of top PS3 soccer games of the year. PES 2020 is the new idols of the year. The game officially exists on September 10th, 2019 in US and Europe, and September 12, 2019, in Asia. The game is Konami’s nineteenth installation game.

As the football gamers, especially PES lovers, we all know that Konami had a good collaboration with EUFA related to the label and license contract for the previous PES games, but not this one. PES 2020 officially gets the license and label from EA Sports. This would be a new experince for all gamers for sure because the game would offer the new quality of gameplay. What a wonderful!

Konami still falls in love with Lionel Messi; he uses Messi’s profile as the icon of the game. As mentioned before, Messi has been the icon of PES for several times. But we’ll find something different on the cover of the game. The cover clearly displays Messi plus other representative of PES such as Scott Mc Tominary, Miralem Pjanic, Serge Gnarby.

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Specifications & Editions of PES 2020

As one of top best PS3 soccer games, Konami launches PES 2020 in two editions: standard-version and legend-version. The standard one has Messi on the cover, while the legend one invites a legend of football player from Brazil, Ronaldinho. These two players, of course, are very inspiring.

Based on the online news, PES 2020 is available on the devices with particular specifications, such as:

  • Platforms: PlayStation 3 & 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
  • PC with Windows 7 OS (1/8, 1/10 64bit)
  • Minimum RAM 4 GB
  • Graphic: NVIDIA GTX 670 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
  • Hard-disc minimum capacity of 40 GB
  • Screen Resolution 1280×720

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