FIFA Soccer for PS3: The Best Choice for Soccer Console Game Lovers

FIFA Soccer for PS3

FIFA definitely becomes the perfect choice for you guys who really love playing soccer games with a console or we name this kind of game FIFA Soccer for PS3. Different from mobile gaming FIFA , this game gives the different experience of gaming for the gamers. The game offers the gamers more challenged and more fun experience as the gamers should use their fingers to operate the console. 

This game, based on its use, is not practical, but it’s really fun and amazing. Konami develops this game for those who get used to console devices as the supported tool of gaming. Due to coronavirus pandemic, most people in the world prefer staying at home, and even working from home. This game seems to be another best choice for people who want to get rid off the boring hours after work. Maybe you have the same thought with them. Well, to understand more about the game before playing it, let’s check the facts of the game out. 

Facts of FIFA Soccer for PS3

FIFA Soccer for PS3 is the newest version of classical FIFA gaming. This soccer game has several series. Each series of game has the best features and technology upgrade. Like its name, this game uses a console to support the gamers in performing the best gameplay. The game always offers the best game that really looks like the real game, including the gameplay, the players, the crowds, and even the ambiance in the virtual stadiums. 

The game developed by EA Sports, more interestingly, will lead the gamer to be a director of gameplay played by the virtual players. It must be so fun. The gamer can be free in applying the strategy of gameplay, selecting the players, and many others. 

List of FIFA Soccer for PS3

For you guys who haven’t known FIFA Soccer yet in more details, we’ll gladly share some series of this game, and here are the list:

FIFA Soccer 08


FIFA Soccer 08 for PS3 is the first generation of FIFA Soccer supported with a console of PlayStation. The game offers an interesting but simplest gameplay. The animation and ball control presented is responsive.

The gamers who love this game reveal that they get much satisfaction from this game. Although the game is so simple, it always gives huge entertainment for all gamers. The game is also smart due to AI support. This technology, of course, has the capability of improving the performance of gameplay through its features.

All features of FIFA Soccer PS3 will automatically affect the operational system of the game, including 35 elements on the engine game. The elements are directly connected to the players’ movements, ball controls, and audio & visual effects (including the audio-visual effects of the crowds in the virtual stadiums). 

FIFA Soccer 12


FIFA Soccer 12 is the newest version of FIFA Soccer for PS3. The game is quite different with the game we shared previously. This game has got more upgrades especially on technology use. This cool game has more advanced engine game called Player Impact Engine, a type of engine game particularly designed for performing the best and most realistic visual effects. The visual effects can b spotted on the facial expression, movements, and reactions of each virtual player. 

The gamer can also see the best visual effect of dribbling shown by the player on the gameplay. All movements and facial expressions of the player are same as the real ones. Thanks to EA Sports that has added Precision Dribbling feature on this game. 

The gamers can also try to use other features of the game. One of other best features we want to share with you is the Tactical Defending feature. The feature helps the gamers to alter the defending position. 

A feature called Pro Player Intelligence also exists in this FIFA Soccer PS3. The feature is useful for higher-speed gameplay respon and smarter performance. Well, we’d like to share other key features of FIFA Soccer for PS3, and these are the list:

  • True Injuries
  • Complete Authenticity
  • New Presentation

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