PES 2011 PS3 Gameplay with the Best Features You Must Try To Play

PES 2011 PS3 Gameplay

All soccer game lovers must know Konami, the most popular soccer game developer in the world.  He had the series of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) and the Winning Eleven. PES and Winning Soccer are now still popular and become the biggest opponent of EA Sports’ FIFA Soccer. As the soccer addicts, everybody know that EA Sports is the biggest Konami’s opponent in developing the soccer games. Among Konami’s works, Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 or we name it PES 2011 PS3 gameplay is one of the most popular ones. This series of games is the ‘paradise’ for PES lovers all around the world

A Brief Review of PES 2011 PS3 Gameplay


Konami really understands everything related to the fans’ needs of soccer gaming. He always provides the latest updates of games he’d created. PES 2011 PS3 , for instance, has many upgrades that definitely distinguish the upgraded and the old one. Konami focuses the upgrades on several parts of the game. Really wants to know which parts of the game have been updated into the new ones? Let’s check them out. 

Control System in PES 2011 PS3 Gameplay

The Control System inserted in PES 2011 PS3 gameplay is one of the most crucial elements of the game. Konami puts it as the big priority to update. He selects this part with particular reason: the control system is the operating system of the game.The control system here plays important roles, like operating some movements in the game (dribbling, shooting, and passing the ball). It can also be able to ‘trick’ the opponents with good precision.  That’s why the control system of the game plays important role to perform a better gameplay.

Stamina Checker in PES 2011 PS3 Gameplay

PES 2011 PS3 is unique as it has a unique feature called a stamina checker. The feature is used to check the players’ stamina. The information related to specific info of the stamina checking section will be displayed on the screen. With this, all players’ condition will be shown up. The gamer can use this information to select the players who will be listed as the next player on court. In this game, the virtual players who often run while dribbling in the game will notice that their stamina quality has decreased. With the feature, the gamers will immediately know about this information, so that they can immediately direct the ball to other players. Very cool, right?

Better Defense

Through PES 2011 PS3, the gamers are also spoiled with the better defense of back players. Each back player performs much better and more natural movements. They can not only chase and dribble the ball that goes into their area, but also can grab the ball from opposing players; it’s really like the real match. 

Various Animation Display

Konami has also completely overhauled the game’s graphics. Based on the graphic quality, PES 2011 PS3 gameplay has very capable graphic features. Moreover, he did not hesitate to embed the latest technology called Physics which has changed the appearance of animation in the game into an animation display that is much more real and smooth in motion. 

Setting of Gameplay Speed

Konami also adds an additional element named a control tool. The tool allows the gamers to choose their own game speed according to their personal preference.  The control tool gives the freedom for the gamers to select the speed of gameplay, so the game is more comfortable to play. The speed of gameplay should also fits the whole gameplay to create a good rhytme.

Matter of Aesthetic

The aesthetic here focuses on the profiles of virtual players of PES 2011 PS3 gameplay. The genius Konami has included thousands of new animations that he took from real motion in real matches. You need to know that thousands of motions are taken from the original motions recorded for more than hundred hours. 

Setting of Strategy

The setting of strategy in PES 2011 PS3 gameplay is Drag and Drop. This feature is helpful for the gamers as they can make the arrangements for player substitutions and subsidies. This is cooler when the feature also provides a short animation that describes a big opportunity in the gameplay. The setting of strategy also allows the gamers to see the chance of winning point over the opossing club in this virtual matche.

3D Animation

PES 2011 PS3 gameplay is Konami’s work with 3D animation technology support. The technology has the capability of displaying a vivid animation; It would be better if the gamers use the particular glasses like 3D-glasses, a particular kind of glasses only used for watching 3D animation, during playing this game. 

Options of Online Leagues

This is the best feature ever! Konami is brilliant; he wants his fans get much satisfaction through his work. Through PES 2011 PS3 gameplay, Konami wants to invite his fans all around the world to be the main director of the biggest world leagues online. In this game, the gamers have the list of world leagues. 

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