PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch with Newest Feature Updates

PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch

Konami, one of most popular soccer game developers, is back with his newest work called PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch. This is the newer version of PES 2017 in which the developer, Konami, has done many upgrades on this game. 

PES lovers must know the failure of PES 2017 experienced by Konami. This newer version seems like a medication that’s effectively healing Konami’s fans. Many gamers have been addicts of this game. Compared to previous generations of PES, PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch is quite more comfortable for the gamers. Interestingly, this game is still the biggest opponent of EA Sports’s soccer game, FIFA.

With PES 2018 PlayStation3, today’s gamers can decide what the best soccer game they should play. It’s true that both FIFA and PES offer the best performance for all gamers. Each has point pluses. FIFA is the best soccer game for the graphic quality, while PES 2018 plays much on its gameplay. PES 2018 has a typical gameplay we’ll never find in the other soccer games. 

A Brief Review of PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch


The gameplay of PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch has an upgrade significantly. You can see it when starting the gameplay on PC. Many gamers who previously played this game say that the newer one is more comfortable and easier to play. Some of them even say that the game is rather similar to PES 2013 especially on comfort and control.

The most interesting thing is that Konami has collaborated with FOX, one of the engine game developers, to create PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch. We all know that one of the causes of PES 2017 failure is the engine game launched by FOX. But today, Konami still puts his trust on FOX for the engine game. 

To improve the quality of gameplay and graphics, Konami and FOX change the engine game into the newest one. The result is so amazing. The gameplay presented by PES 2018 PlayStation3 is so realistic. Just take a look at the facial profiles of the virtual players. They look like the real ones.

The Features of PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch

Through the games, Konami never makes his fans dissapointed. He always does the updates of the features and specifications of game he just released. PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch has some best features that definitely bring the game as the best soccer gaming in this year. As the game lovers, you must really want to know what best features Konami inserted in his newest game. Well, just check this out to know more features in details.

The Improvement of Gameplay Mode

Konami says that he puts the improvement of gameplay mode as the main focus for the next upgrade, and now he makes that promise. Most game reviewers send positive comments over PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch, especially on mode of gameplay.

One of the best parts of the upgrade is the free-kick and penalty modes. These modes have been improved in significant ways. Konami also did another best upgrade in some movements, such as dribbling. The player’s movement looks so responsive, smooth, and as real as those in the real world. This new feature is also helpful for the gamers to control the ball. 

More Realistic Gameplay

Next point plus of PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch is the realistic gameplay. Konami always creates the game as realistic as possible. Konami wants to make his fans all around the world so satisfied with all his PES games. With these games, the gamers play the games in the real stadiums.

To get the best and most realistic gameplay, Konamis had collected more than ten thousands of data from several world’s popular stadiums. Based on the data, he tried to create the same vibe with the real one.

New Mode Inserted in PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch

PES 2018 PlayStation3 has a new mode called Mode Random Selection. Actually, this is not the new one since Konami used it for PlayStation2’s games. This is just the newer version that can automatically make the game  better and more fun.

New Technology Addition in Master League Feature

This new technology can only appear on Master League Feature. When the feature is activated, the gamers have the choice of some interview section. The interviews involve the manager of clubs and some players. Maybe this is not important but many gamers use this feature to get more entertainment. 

Overall, PES 2018 PlayStation3 Patch is very interesting. If you really want to play this game, you can get the newer version. The newer one offers more upgraded features that absolutely make you fun and entertained. 

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