List of the best online slot sites in Indonesia

If you are thinking of trying to play online slot games, that means you are on the right page. This list of the best online slot sites in Indonesia will guide you. We have several recommendations for safe online gambling sites.

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List of the best online slot sites in Indonesia

List of the best online slot sites in Indonesia are some of the best sites with professional services

Most of you surely has heard of the arcade game known as slots. Well this arcade game had recently hit the internet with a surprise.

The game has been adapted and there is the online version that is known as slots online. Maybe some of you have even tried it before. But what are the known risks and danger to it? And is it really that safe to play? Well we will answer all of your questions today. We would also give a few recommendations and our crowd’s favorites to play on. These online slots website have been tested and they are safe to use for our customers. So read on about our article. Who knows, you might even be a pro after this and start earning big bucks as soon as possible.

Bigwin 333

Bigwin333 is an online gambling site that provides online slot games. Supported by a professional team to serve you 24 hours.


MPO Api Slot: MPO Slot Online gambling site deposit credit % without deductions, easy to win. Abundant bonuses, new member promos, weekly cashback...

Elang Naga

Elang Naga on the platform of the most trusted and largest online gambling bookie in Indonesia. Guarantee the most complete and fair online slot gambling game experience


BET2POKER is an online poker site in Indonesia from thousands of BET2POKER online poker agents, including one of the best online poker agents, with 24-hour service.


NUSABET as a company engaged in online gambling games and is known as a football agent site, online casino agent, slot game agent in Indonesia, as a trusted soccer agent and the best online casino agent NUSAWIN is committed to providing the best service and the process of depositing and withdrawing all funds can be done quickly and no more than 3 minutes.


Nusantara88. Online gambling sites and online slots that provide various types of the most complete and classy games in Indonesia. We are the best online gambling game service provider, professional with the quality standards of the global gaming industry standard.


Untung88 comes as a very serious website to be the most trusted website and a trust partner like the Bank in general. With a license from PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) shows that besides this website can be trusted, the transaction process is also very professional and fast and internationally standard. Only with one user ID can play in all types of games that are very complete.

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Reasons to play slots online

When you play in a casino, there are many factors to consider. From safety to the fairness of the slots game itself.

But once you have found the perfect slots online gambling site, there are so many things to enjoy. Online slots itself has been a popular activity online and it is a favorite form of entertainment. With the risks involved in playing slots, you must know the gameplay first before getting involved in the game. There would be no point in playing the game if you don’t know the basic fundamentals and keep on losing.

One of the main reasons to try slots online is the prizes that you get. This game gives you a lot of payouts with little money to begin playing with. Besides the winnings that you get, there is also a whole new feeling of fun and adrenaline rush. And just with one jackpot, you can turn your financial situation upside.

Many people who are pessimistic would say that you cannot make money off of playing online slots game. But that is not true at all. As a matter of fact, you can win thousands to ten thousands of dollars with a small bet of as low as $10. You do not have to always play huge payout slot machines. Small payout slot machines just pay as much and can give you profit too.

The point is that you try to play. You would not know the feeling and get money off of it if you have not at least try playing it. Taking risks to make some money is necessary and it is better than taking no risks at all. People always say that you risk big, you win big. This is has proven to be very true in online slots.

There are so many cases of success from playing online slots. And there has been so many people that won thousands to millions of dollars just by playing slots online. To win big, there must be a risk that has to be taken. Without these risks, there could be no success in life. Take for an example a lucky woman from Sweden who won $8 million in cash just by playing online slots. This had completely changed her life and it can certainly change yours too.

With that in mind, you have to play safely or else there are some consequences to be faced. Here are why people play online slots cautiously:

  • To prevent balance from draining out quickly. Many gamblers out there play without thinking twice or considering their financial situation. As a result, they are easily triggered with their emotions of greed. This is a bad example of wanting to win big. It is so much better to stop, and calm down when you are in a losing streak. There are other ways to win big some other time. Understanding your own emotions when playing online slots is very important.
  • Playing in unlicensed casino server or website is another reason why people are very scared to play online slots. This is very dangerous and risky because these websites are deemed illegal. With licensed websites, the players would have a safe place to play online slots.
  • Players usually play in unreliable and unsafe websites. These can result in criminals scamming and taking away the player’s money. With this in mind, players have to be more caution. Playing online slots could actually bring so much more benefits such as getting huge amounts of money. This can be done after finding a proper gambling site to play on. Being very cautious and aware of the customer reviews can solve any uncertainty when playing in gambling sites. Casinos that are safe and fun to play on are not that easy to find. Most of them are fakes and just aims to scam their players. We are glad and proud to offer you amazing services as well as a proper list of gambling sites. So make sure you use our list as a guide to find the proper site to play on.

Free to Play vs Real Money Online Slots

Studies had found that there are way more players playing free to play gambling games in comparison to real money online slots. But why is that?

There has been a lot of free to play slot games before there were real money online slot games. This is because people wanted to have a taste of what free to play slot games are like. There are many features that new players need to try first, and this can be done by playing free to play. With free to play games, there are no risks involved and you can play for fun. But where is the fun without a little betting right?

Real money online slots offer a new different kind of feel to slot lovers out there. Simply playing slots with no reward and no risk is no longer gun. Real money only slots can be the perfect choice to bring things up to the next level.

How to play online slots with real money?

There are no significant differences between free to play and also real money online slots. Both games are very fun to play and there are so many variety of slot games to choose from. The main differences of both types are only the betting part.

First of all, you have to choose the right casino online slot website to play on. One of the ways to do that is by looking through our lists of gambling websites. Our gambling websites that we offer have been analyzed and examined thoroughly by us. The websites we present also have passed the legal and also legitimacy check by our team. So there would be no more doubt if you want to play on one of these websites.

After choosing the right website, the next step is to create your own online casino account. This is necessary as it would be your identity on that online casino website. Insert your personal information as well as payment details for deposit later on. There are many methods of deposit that can be used when playing in these websites.

Each websites have their own terms and conditions which you have to read through first. Some of the popular methods to deposit are debit card, credit card, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, and more. All methods is up to you to choose from.

The next best thing once you are done with deposits are casino bonuses. Who doesn’t love heaps of bonuses that are given for free. These bonuses maybe in free spins or even in site credits. With bonuses alone, you would surely gain some profit. Bonuses are given mostly for beginners but also for loyal players.

Welcome Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus are given to new customers during their first deposit. This deposit has a very high percentage of up to 100% bonus. This means that when a player deposits $10, they would receive $20 in their account. So the more you deposit, the more you can play with. Make sure that you deposit big amounts of money to get the equal amount of bonuses back.

No Deposit Bonus

This next type of bonus is different from the previous one. The previous bonus is only given when players do their first deposit or transaction with the website. Whereas the no deposit bonus does not require players to do any deposit but will still give out rewards to their players. The bonuses received are usually ranging from $5 to $10. Online slot casinos like these are very useful for new players. Even when you don’t deposit any money, you can still win and can be withdrawn. No money is needed for this kind of bonus.

Free Spin Bonus

Besides credits and in game balances, players could also receive free spin bonuses. This type of bonus is very useful for new players that have not tried playing slots before. These bonuses are used to lure in players and have them try to play. Usually if you win with these free spins bonuses, you still get to keep the prizes that you get.

After receiving any of the bonuses above, you are ready to play some online slots. Most online casinos that you can found on our list are some of the best sites online. These sites would have so many varieties of games to choose from.

It may be hard to choose the right game or the right variety at first. Take your time and just look through all of the games that the website has to offer. There are no time limit in playing online slot games or arcade games. These websites will be online 24/7 and ready to serve you anytime you are ready. Check the games that are marked as favorites to see some of the best games in that website.

Maybe some of you would even like to play while on the go. You can easily access any of the websites listed on our list on your mobile phone. The games have been adapted to fit in your smartphones and you can easily access the website anytime and anywhere.

Using real money to bet, this can surely make you rich while doing something else. All account and credits are set to go, all you need to now is to play some online slots.

How to make profit from playing online slots?

Making your first dollar from online slots aren’t a hard thing to do. Everyone can do it, as long as you have reach the legal age to play online slots. If you are a player that are still transitioning, do not worry! Take your time to understand how online slots work. We will share a few tips as well as strategies to help you boost your online slots game.

First of all, use bonuses. Seriously, bonuses are the best way to get profit. Even before placing your first bet, you could make as much as twice the money you deposited. Of course you cannot just withdraw the bonuses right away.

But a 100 percent bonus will surely boost your online real money slots experience. If you are too scared to try the deposit bonuses, how about no deposit bonuses. Find websites with no deposit bonuses to have a try at the online gambling world.

These online casinos will give you a chance to play without paying a dime. Each and every casinos out there are competing to gain new players everyday. Take advantage of this and you can get profit without paying a single cent.

Simply register in a chosen website and you would receive your first bonus. These bonuses usually range from $1 to $10. However much you receive, these are given free for you. If you are lucky enough to win using the bonuses given, you could even withdraw them.

Read the terms and conditions on every website before playing. It is very important to understand the minimum of money in which you can withdraw. Some gambling websites that cannot be trusted would put a high minimum of withdraw so that you could not withdraw your money.

All in all, we could conclude that real money online slots are a new trend. This type of entertainment is very fun to play as well as affordable. You do not need to drive or travel to another city just to play slots anymore.

Playing slots through online casinos are just a few swipes away. If you are a new player, online casinos are the best spot to try some new games. You do not have to be afraid of losing because there are free trials. This is very different to your usual casinos where you are always scared to play.There is just too much pressure around you and everyone else is just so good at playing slots. You do not need to worry about that anymore.

Play responsibly because you are the only one who knows your financial situation. You can increase bets overtime to win more money. But if you are on a losing streak, taking a break is the best thing to do.

Spending a little sum of money for fun is not a bad thing after all right? Besides having some fun, you could also make some extra money on the side. So what are you waiting for? Pick a website from our list and start playing your first game today!

FAQs List of the best online slot sites in Indonesia

Of course! The online casino websites on our list have been examined by our team to ensure safety for players. The websites that are listed on this page are surely safe and they are some of the best websites online. You do not have to worry about safety as everything will be secure. All games and data will be protected by the website’s security team. Each website offers an amazing experience as well as excellent up to date technology. With this in mind, there is nothing to worry about.

Sure thing! The top websites that are listed on our list provide some of the best services out there. These websites would offer you demo mode or even free spins bonuses. With all of those, you can start playing slots online without spending any money. It surely would not hurt to try right? Moreover, players don’t even have to go through registration to play freely. You can play anonymously without putting any data to have fun. All you have to do is pick one of the websites on our list to start enjoying these games for free.

There are too many online slot games to count out there. If we were to put a number, it would probably within the range of thousand to hundreds of thousands. Not all of these slot games can be relied on. Most of them might scam you and take away your money. Each website also provides their own variety of online slots which differs from other websites. You can choose the ones that suits your interests and start playing. So don’t hesitate to pick a website and pick a game to begin with. The websites on our list will have hundreds of games waiting to be played..

Yes you do! Bonuses have been explained throughout this article. There are so many bonuses that players can receive. Each bonuses have different terms and conditions that you need to read and follow. Starting from deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, free cred bonuses and also no deposit bonuses. These bonuses will be given to you once you join the online slots website. Or you could also get free spins without registration. When you have played in a website for quite some time, you could even get VIP bonuses. These bonuses are usually rewarded for loyal fans and players. The more you play, the more bonuses as well as rewards that you can receive. So don’t be scared to try online slots.

Online slot casinos can be played in almost any device that you own. As long as that website has a steady internet access as well as a browser installed. You do not need to install or download any slot games on your device. This would be complicated to do and surely not everyone are comfortable with that. These online slot games uses the latest technology and can be played through browsers. Without download any software, apps, plugins or anything else. Web developers have done a great job at creating the HTML5 system for these casinos to operate on. These would enable the players to play online slot games anywhere and anytime.

When you are trying to find a good, reliable, safe and some of the best sites, you must look at their developers. Every good site would have similar if not the same developers as the other. These software developers would ensure players to have a great playing experience. That is why we recommend you to look through the website before playing. When you play a closer attention to details, you might find logos of developers such as Playtech, Novomatic, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Rabcat, Play N’ Go, IGT and so much more.

There are many themes that suits each and everyone’s interests. There are simply too many variety and themes of online casino slots. There are thousands which includes, movie themed, cartoon themed, fairy tale, tv shows, historical themes, fantasy slots and many other. You surely could find the ones that will catch your eye the most. Even though the variety of these slot games are different, they basically have the same way of operating. Choose your favorite theme from one of the websites listed in our site.

It is probably best if you try several games to see which one you like the most. There will be so much variety and many different themes to choose from. Do not just stick with one slot machine and playing it over and over again. If you are in a losing streak, it is very important to switch to another slot game to start winning more. Try several slot games using the bonuses that are given to you. Once you have found the one you like the most, then you can start using your real money to bet on that website.

When playing online slot games, there are so many strategies that can be used. These strategies are used to increase your chances of winnings. We cannot deny the fact that gambling is all about chances and luck. But there is one particular strategy called the Martingale strategy that can be used in gambling. This strategy can be used in all games other than online slots. To use it, players simple has to double down their bets if they have lost a bet. If they haven’t lost a bet, the bet still remains the same. Keep in mind that this strategy would need lots of money to begin with because you need to double bets each time you lose. When you do this, you would never lose any money because you win them back after doubling your bet.


There are so much other strategies out there that you can try. Each strategies may be specific to a certain game. So be careful when you are trying to apply these strategies.

You can win a lot of money that ranges from cents, dollars to even millions. There are really no limit to how much money you can win. As long as you place a bet, you can double it, triple it or even make more out of that bet. The key to winning big is to bet big and to play with confidence. You might even get a jackpot, and that will give you millions of dollars. Have fun, and make sure you play responsibly.


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