7 Best Video Poker Variants to Play in 2020

Video Poker is one of the best game at an online casino. However, these card games come in many variations, and the gameplay is not the same. It is a game of skill, and as such, it helps you make moves that can impact the outcome. Here are 7 Variants of Video Poker.

Why is Video Poker the Best Game?

This game is a combination of slot machines and poker games. Video Poker pays higher prizes than any variant of poker and also offers players quite high returns. That means it comes with a low house edge.

You can find several variants of Video Poker with an RTP above 100% which means players have an advantage over the casino. The use of RNG for dealing is the similarity that makes Video Poker similar to slot games.

In Video Poker, you choose which cards to keep and which to discard to form the best 5-card hand. This is what makes this game similar to a Poker game.

The Lowdown, The Most Popular Video Poker Game

At Video poker all the payouts are listed in the payout table, so that’s where you’ll find all the answers. Find out how much a full house and flush salary works. What’s in the pay table affects the game’s theoretical RTP. The first version of the game is called pay in full. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular variations of Video Poker that you can play online.

Video Poker Wild Deuces

This is a variation of Video Poker that you can find at most online casinos. It shares most of the features with Jacks or Better. Here deuces are Wild that can complement your hand. The pay table starting with the lowest hand can reward you with three kinds.

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You’ll find that your most lucrative hand is the royal flush, and if you finish it without the wilds, you’ll end up with 800: 1, which is called a natural royal flush. In this game the player has an advantage over the casino as his RTP is at 100.76% in the full payout version of the game. However, most of the gambling sites offer 8/5 Deuces Wild at an RTP of 99.73%.

Video Poker Jacks or Better

This is one of the most popular game variants, especially if you get the full paid version. These are the basic variations that come from all other games. The main objective in this game is to form a 5-card poker hand which is a pair of Jacks or higher. Initially, you receive five cards, and you have to choose which one you want to keep. The maximum payout is earned on a royal flush, and it pays 800: 1 when you play a maximum coins.

Poker Bonus

This game is a little different from Jacks or Better. Even though the two games have most of the rules, there is one that makes this game very different. This is the way paid by hand of four of a kind. At Jacks or Better, these cards, regardless of the card, pay the same.

In the Poker Bonus, four Aces pay 80: 1. This is the top payout for this rank hand, while the other cards pay out 40: 1 and 25: 1. The full payout version of the Poker Bonus contains 99.17% RTP. However, a full and flush house pays 8: 1 and 5: 1 in it.

Double Poker Bonus

It is also Video Poker and this variant offers you an edge over the house. It has an RTP of 100.17%, and is very similar to a Poker Bonus with the difference in payouts that a four of a kind hand gives.

All payouts for these cards are used in comparison to those paid in the Poker Bonus. The payment for the full house and the rent is also different in this game.

If you come across the full payout Double Bonus Poker variant these two hands can pay you 10: 1 and 7: 1 respectively. Whereas, because of these lucrative prizes, the lower-ranking hands pay out smaller amounts.

Double-double Poker Bonus

You can have an edge over the house because Double Double Bonus Poker comes with an RTP of 100.07%. As the name suggests, it shares some of the features with Double Bonus Poker, but the main difference between the two is the payout, which is higher in Double Bonus Poker. This is higher for four of a kind hands up to 400: 1.In addition, it will allow you to make this hand with a kicker.

Triple Bonus

It is also a variation of the Poker Bonus which pays triple for four good hands. It can pay you up to 240: 1, which is three times more than Double Bonus Poker. The RTP for the Triple Bonus is 99.94% with a proper paytable. Although, you may find games with an RTP ranging between 94% and 95%, which is not an attractive offering.

Video Poker Wild Jokers

Also referred to as Joker Poker, which is also one of the 7 Variants of Video Poker, this is also one of the popular video poker variants that you will find online. It has 53 cards instead of 52 in the game because the Joker serves as Wild and can finish your hand.

It differs from Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild thanks to its different paytables. To get a prize, you have to make a hand consisting of a pair of Kings or better. If you can make a hand that consists of two pairs, you will get even money instead of 2: 1.You can also make a five of a kind card that pays 200: 1.In addition, you can have natural royal flushes and royal flushes made without Wild. The latter pays 800: 1.

Now that you know the basics of the 7 most popular video poker variants, it’s time to learn the right strategy to increase your odds. This is a game that helps you take advantage of the high RTP as long as you make the moves according to a defined strategy, like in Blackjack.

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