The Biggest Cheats in the Gambling History

The Biggest Cheats in the Gambling History

They are the biggest cheats in gambling history, and they have figured out how to beat the system. Forget about the casino robberies depicted in Ocean’s Eleven’s “Play Your Game”! The folks we’ll be writing about have perpetrated tremendous robberies in real life and have gone down in history as the greatest casino cheaters!

These individuals robbed millions of dollars from the casino using gadgets, insiders, or basic math because they figured out a way to fool the system! Others succeeded to defeat the system in roulette and crepes by using technology to fool levers and computerized slots such as in situs judi online 2021.

The Biggest Cheats in the History of Gambling

They figured out a technique to go around the game’s rules. They were courageous, daring, and unconcerned about the consequences. They will go down in history as the greatest cheaters in casino history! It’s time to get to know them.

1. Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael’s casino exploits began in the 1960s and lasted more than four decades. Tommy ran a television repair business, but it hit a snag at one time. A buddy gave him an idea that completely transformed his life. He showed him a gadget he might use to rig a slot machine!

Carmichael’s euphoria was short-lived! He was convicted and sentenced to five years in jail for cheating in 1985. Carmichael determined to invent a new strategy to assist him scam the casinos in order to finish his days in prison. There were two new innovations born.

A metal wire and a twisted rod were used to make the “monkey paw.” Carmichael would place this in the slot of the slot machine and spin it in a circle until he located a coin switch. He would pick up all the money in the slot machine after pulling the device.

2. Richard Marcus

Richard Marcus is one of the biggest cheats in gambling history which included on any list of “the worst cheaters in gaming history”! This man has made millions and continues to “swim” in those waters after a great career. Marcus was barred from accessing casinos following his incarceration, but he went on to become a mentor to future con artists.

Marcus dubbed his cheating approach “Savannah.” It seemed simple in theory. He skillfully exchanged chips of small and large values, depending on whether the bet was winning or not, with his quick hands. A high-value chip would be placed at the bottom of the stack, surrounded by low-value chips. Marcus would place a high-value chip on top of the wager if it won.

3. Dominic LoRiggio

Lorigio, labelled the “Dominator,” was a master of crepes and blackjack. He worked hard, learned the skill, and perfected the “controlling the dice” method.

This approach entails a certain placement of the dice, as well as catching and tossing them. The purpose of managing the dice was to shift the probability of their falling to a specific number at any given time.

4. Ron Harris and Errol Reid McNeal

In 1995, Erol McNeil won a keno jackpot of 100,000 USD. If McNeil had not requested that the prize be given in cash, this case would very certainly have gone unreported. He drew the attention of the authorities with this plea, and then he began to relax!

The authorities came upon the name Ron Harris throughout their inquiry. He worked for the Nevada State Gambling Control Board as a computer specialist. Harris was in charge of detecting faults and weaknesses in electronic game machine software.

Harris was found to have exploited his position by gaining access to and altering the software of keno machines. He created a computer algorithm to forecast the numbers that a random number generator will generate in this game.

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