Dark Soul 3 Review: Game to Play After Dark

Dark Soul 3 Review

Dark Soul 3 Review – The game of Dark Soul 3 probably becomes a sign of FromSoftware that can make the game players all around the world keep up. Like the previous generations (Dark Soul 2 and Bloodborne), the game Dark Soul 3 has been released in the form of the best signature RPG (Role-Playing-Game). As action-game lovers, you guys absolutely know that this game is so epic, enabling the players to feel like being the real character of the game.  Well, to get more insight about this game, today would be a great day to share a bit of Dark Soul 3 review: a game to play after dark. 

Before we start the part of Dark Soul 3 review: a game to play after dark, as the writer, I personally want to ask ‘what is on your mind when talking about Dark Soul 3?’ There are so much feedbacks received. Some players said that they had been experiencing a new world of gaming. The game offered the hardest challenge as well as the biggest satisfaction. Based on Dark Soul 3 review: a game to play after dark, thousands of Souls veterans said that they were so excited when the latest version of Dark Soul 3 had just been released. And now they really enjoy the game. 

Dark Soul 3 Review: Game to Play After Dark, The Pros

Most Dark Soul game lovers must be so excited when they firstly get the happiest news about the game launch. Maybe you, Dark Soul maniac, have much expectation at this game. But it’s true that thousands of Dark Soul 3 players say that the game is so fantastic. Once you play it, you’ll get a new world with more challenges. 

As said in Dark Soul 3 review: game to play after dark, in general, Dark Soul 3 is less different from the previous series (2014’s and 2015’s Dark Souls). If you are the Dark Soul 2 expert, it means that you now have a good basic skill to conquer the latest one. You can explore your gaming skill to win the game. 

Fresher Gameplay

What makes this game look fresher and better is the gameplay. The basic gameplay has been transformed a bit, being an attractive & challenging one. But some people say that there is no other significant difference. The game designed by From Software needs zero attractiveness to make players come. 

What about the visual and audio aspect? Well, these points of course are so valuable in a world of gaming, especially the RPG-games. I, the writer, personally send my biggest appreciation at this. The audio really fits the visualization, helping a lot in creating a dark nuance in the gameplay. Still based on Dark Soul 3 review: game to play after dark, I really love the visual effect produced by the grahic experts. The effect is smooth. The pigments blend each other, creating a setting that’s similar with the real darkness in the real world. 


In Dark Soul 3 review: game to play after dark, the player acts like the main character of the game. You, as the player, are the dead man called Unkindied. When you get your life back from the death, you have a new job: getting back the crown from The Five Lords of Cinder. 

Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game creator, wants the players of Souls to guess what happens in the game.  This game is created as blurred as possible, letting the players have their own interpretation through the things that existed in the game. 

I think that this idea is quite interesting since it opens new forums to discuss all the great things argued by players all around the world. More interpretation, more meaning revealed about this game. 

On Dark Soul 3 review: a game to play after dark, the storyline is complicated; as complicated as the puzzle. You guys who don’t really like the puzzle will get mad. Perhaps you’ll throw the controller out, then yell. But for other players, Dark Soul 3 is very interesting. There is a lot of mystery needed to solve. The players should search for any clues from things on the game’s setting. 

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Unique Game, Full of Calculation & Plan

The old players of Dark Souls could adapt very well when playing this game. For you guys, the beginners, Dark Soul 3 is an action-RPG game with ‘weight’ and ‘hard’ movements. You should get the right timing to get the point, then win the game. 

On Dark Soul 3 review: game to play after dark, when you do any movements, moving the hands, for example, it affects your energy scale viewed on the screen. If your energy runs out, you have to move to the safe spots, orj just stay for seconds toa get your energy back. 

Therefore, each move has its cost. You have limited moves to safe your energy, meaning that you are required to  be able to carry out any actions as efficiently as possible. But, being efficient isn’t enough. You have to own good spatial awareness. It’s possible for your enemy to attack you when you can’t move. 

The condition lets you figure out ‘how can you do your best actions?’ and ‘when?’ It feels that this game has the same idea of gameplay with the survival-action games. Is it hard? Of course. It needs a lot of effort to reach the top level in the game; the effort to deny death, the darkness. 

On Dark Soul 3 review: a game to play after dark, we know that death is the key element of the game. Through the game, the players could learn how to minimize the risk of death. Here, it’s a must to do more effort to survive. 

Better Upgrades

On Dark Soul 3 review: a game to play after dark, as Dark Soul lovers, we know that there are a lot of weapons we can use to fight back the enemies. We’re free to use these weapons based on our needs. The swords, spears, and exotic weapons you can pick up and use to hurt your enemies. But not the armour; as we know at Bloodborne, For more details see the discussion on bloodborne review games. the armour can’t be as strong as usual, meaning that you (the player) just focus on the weapon upgrades. So, make sure to grab the weapons that fit your gaming style. 

The magic, in addition, Dark Souls III has an FP system for magic attack. For your information, the developer of the game introduces a new fighting mechanism called Weapon Skill. The mechanism allows you to use your weapons as well as your magic. Of course, it’s so interesting to try this game out. Before playing the game, it’s better for you guys to check Dark Soul 3review: game to play after dark for better result. 

Dark Soul 3 Review: Game To Play After Dark, The Cons

After playing the game, most players said that there were some weaknesses they found in this game. 

Limited Moves, Clues

First, the game tempts you a slow and limited movement when you’re fighting against your enemies. But the Weapon Skills are helpful for getting more scores. This new fighting mechanism is effective to fight back when you’re in crisis. 

Lack of Navigation

Second, there is no map or minimap in this game; it probably makes the game harder as you have no idea to navigate your long journey. But overall, the game is so challenging. For you guys who love the adventure, the game suits you a lot. As a game reviewer, I love the developer’s way to make the players get lost in the world of game. 

Poor Design

Third, perhaps most game reviewers agree that the game has a poor design. It seems like the game has adopted Covenants. But other reviewers say that in general, the game’s design is sufficiently good. The color choices, for instance, are perfect. The dark color pigments dominate the setting of game, really assisting in developing the darkness. 

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Too-Easy Gameplay for Experienced Gamers

Based on Dark Soul 3review: game to play after dark, the gameplay is too easy for the experienced gamers. Many other gamers also say there are particular weapon arts looks so pointless. They are useless. 

Maybe you have more pros and cons I can share with my blog readers. Just please list yours, then join with us to discuss it.  Talking about the game, every individual has his or her own choice, depending on the individual’s personal preference at the game.

So, what do you think? Is the game exciting your adrenalin or just the ordinary game? Send your comments below. When talking more about the pros and cons of a game, actually there are so many aspects we can discuss, including where to buy cheap video games. The gameplay, the graphic quality, the weapon arts, etc; but the most crucial thing about the game is that it’s created to entertain the gamers. Some of them are also specifically designed for levelling up gaming skill. Experienced gamers, for instance, need more challenging gameplay to make them much more skilful in playing the game. 

PublisherBandai Namco Entertainment
PlatformPlayStation 4, Xbox One, dan Microsoft Windows
First Released3/24/2016
Price59.99 at store.playstation.com
GenreAction role-playing
Official Sitehttps://en.bandainamcoent.eu/dark-souls/dark-souls-iii