PES 2015 PS3 Patch with FOX Engine for Ultimate Gameplay Performance

PES 2015 PS3 Patch

Learned from the failure of PES 2014, Konami now seems to be more serious in developing his newest soccer game. He labels his newest series of game PES 2015 PS3 patch. With this game, Konami wants to mend his brokenness. Many game reviewers send their positive comments about this game. 

Konami’s success is the new gate of the biggest competition between himself and EA Sports at that time. As the soccer lovers, you really know that Konami and EA Sports are two talented developers of soccer games. 

Both compete each other; we all know that Konami is a PES game developer, while EA Sports is FIFA Soccer developers. The soccer games they created are really cool. Each has the best details of features & technology supports.

Review of PES 2015 PS3 Patch


PES 2015 PS3 patch is one of Pro Evolution Soccer game series that used to have the name Winning Eleven. This soccer game has detailed specifications and features that are very qualified in its era. Even, it is included as FIFA Soccer’s biggest rival game at that time.  The gamers really adore this game due to its performance showing off good quality of visualization at that time. The game has been a perfect selection of soccer game that can offer more than an entertainment, but also a skill training section for the gamers who really want to get much improvemet of soccer gaming.

Improvement of PES 2015 PS3 Patch

For you guys who are really curious about this game, we would like to share the feature updates in more details. These features have the biggest role that makes this game be the best in 2015. Let’s check the details of features and specifications, and be ready to adore more this game.

Gameplay of PES 2015 PS3 Patch

The gameplay displayed in this game is much better than the previous PES generations. In visualization, PES 2015 PS3 patch is more realistic. The motions of each animation in the game are fast-responsive, real-time, and smooth, making all parts of animations look so vivid as real as the original motions in the real match.

In this game, Konami uses FOX engine as the main power engine of the game. To get the better performance of gaming, FOX did a big upgrade to that engine. Konami and FOX do not want to repeat the failure of PES 2014 just because of the failure of FOX engine. 

Talking more about FOX engine inserted in PES 2015 PS3 patch, Konami has done the upgrade in several parts of the game. The parts that get the attention a lot are the motions of virtual players, particularly when the players do shooting, passing, and dribbling the ball. All motions are smoother and more precise as same as the real motions in the real match. 

Besides the motions, Konami also creates the perfection of gestures and facial expressions performed by the virtual players. The gamers will see the facial expressions and gestures of the player when the player is dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball. All these expressions and gestures are made the same as the real ones. 

More interestingly, the gamers won’t see unimportant motions they usually found in previous PES series. By contrast, they just will see the motions of animations that are so natural, smooth, and realistic. 


Graphics are also important in all soccer games, including PES 2015 PS3 patch. Even, graphics can definitely affect the success of a game after launch. All gamers will use the quality of graphics as the big consideration before playing the game. That’s why Konami and EA Sports compete with each other for the first place of the best soccer game developers who point out the graphics quality. 

Graphics quality does not only focus on the profiles of players, but also focuses on the minor graphics such as the motions of players’ hair, head, and body when they are running, shooting, passing, dribbling etc. One element of the body should be synced with other parts of the body. 

Another example of minor graphics that often goes unnoticed is the motions of the players’ costume which must be in sync with the players’ body movements. 

Konami, in fact, is too careful about the little things. The fact also shows that he tries to present the gameplay with the players’ facial expressions and the texture of the grass that looks very real. From this, we know that Konami does not seem to want to make his fans dissatisfied for the second time. 

Audio Effect of Virtual Audience that’s So Vividly Live

There are good words that say that football is meaningless without the presence of the fans. This statement is the inspiration for Konami to insert the presence of the fans in his game. A match will not be vividly live without the cheers of the fans, and Konami applies it to his game, PES 2015 PS3 patch. 

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