How Yuval Bronshtein Wins Second WSOP Bracelet

Yuval Bronshtein Wins Second WSOP Bracelet

Yuval Bronshtein is a professional poker player who enters the World Series of Poker Tournament or WSOP every year. In 2021 Yuval Bronshtein wins second WSOP Bracelet from over 422 participants. 

In the Event #12: 1,500 USD Limit Hold’em on World Series of Poker 2021. At the end Israel’s Yuval Bronshtein was the only one standing, taking home the top prize of 124,274 USD as well as the gold bracelet. 

He followed in the footsteps of Ari Engel, another 2019 bracelet winner who also won his second bracelet today.

Yuval Bronshtein Wins Second WSOP Bracelet After Long Heads-Up

After a long heads-up match in which he trailed the bulk of the time, Bronshtein overcame Kevin Erickson. He eventually completed his comeback to join the exclusive club of two-time bracelet winners.

Yuval Bronshtein wins second WSOP Bracelet on Event #2: 25,000 USD H.O.R.S.E. and described his victory as “redemption.” He previously won a bracelet in the 2019 WSOP in a 1,500 USD for 2-7 Single Draw event.

Bronshtein commented on his ability to recover a heads-up deficit, saying, “I was really lucky to win this when I was down to so little chips so many times, continuously, and my opponent was a difficult player.”

“I don’t believe in things that are destined to be. I believe that you must create and earn everything yourself. If you play enough poker, as I have, it’s inevitable that you’ll be incredibly unfortunate on the final table of the largest event you’re in. It’s unavoidable at some point, therefore I’m fine with it.

“I also know that if I play as well as I’m capable of playing, this will happen, hopefully very regularly in the future,” he laughed.

Yuval Bronshtein wins second WSOP Bracelet : Action at the Final Table

The final day began with 16 contenders and ended with only ten players remaining and moving to a single unofficial final table only a few hours later.

Mike Lancaster was the first to be eliminated in the tenth round when he ran across pocket aces. Anh Van Nguyen came in ninth shortly after. Tony “TNT” Nasr was eventually ousted in eighth place after running his massive slick into aces, leaving the table much quieter without his presence and character.

How Three Elimination Happened

Look back before Yuval Bronshtein wins second WSOP Bracelet . There are three eliminations occurred in short succession, with Guy Cicconi exiting in seventh, Zachary Gruneberg’s cowboys exiting in sixth, and Ian Glycenfer exiting in fifth.

John Bunch finished fourth, while Tom McCormick finished third after nursing a tiny stack and winning numerous at-risk cards to remain alive earlier at the final table.

These events set up a heads-up battle between Bronshtein and Erickson, with Erickson holding a nearly 3:1 chip advantage. Erickson’s lead grew to nearly a 20:1 advantage against Bronshtein at times.

Bronshtein was in danger, falling behind, and drawing to the river when he was able to make a flush to save his life. He took the lead after a couple of large pots and never looked back.

Soon after, he had Erickson all-in preflop and had a commanding lead with ace-king over king-queen. After the turn, Erickson was behind but still alive, but the river was a blank, and Bronshtein celebrated his second career bracelet triumph with his friends.

Yuval Bronshtein Wins Second WSOP Bracelet Comparing to His First Bracelet

When comparing this accomplishment to his first bracelet win, Bronshtein noted, “They’re a touch similar.” “I didn’t believe anything could beat receiving my first bracelet because it’s been my professional aim for a long time.”

“I can’t say one is better than the other, but since I’m at a final table playing heads-up for a bracelet, and I was down and almost out of the tournament so many times… maybe this is even a little bit more fulfilling.”

“All things considered, I can’t think of a nicer feeling than earning a bracelet after… It’s a different level to be able to bounce back from being so short and disappointed… It’s incredible. I’m quite grateful.”

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