PES 2020 PS3 Apk with 4 Best Features that Make Gamers So Addictive

PES 2020 PS3 Apk

Konami just released the newest version of Pro Evolution Soccer or the gamers call it PES in September 2019. This soccer game is identical with the name of PES 2020 or maybe some gamers named it the newest E-Football Pro Evolution Soccer. Like the previous PES series, PES 2020 PS3 Apk shows off much better gameplay plus some best and newest features. Each feature is also inserted with the most updated technology. 

PES 2020 PS3 Apk: The 19th PES Generation Developed by Konami


PES 2020 PS3 Apk is the 19th Konami’s game series in which all previous PES games are still becoming the gamers’ favorite. The old-version PES games now have been updated, especially on features and technology used, so the games are still challenging and fun to be played in this modern era.

The most surprising thing about this PES 2020 PS3 Apk is that Konami proudly builds a new partnership with one of the most popular game developers in the world, EA Sports. All gamers know that EA Sportsis the biggest rival for Konami, but today it is Konami’s new partner in developing a new game, PES 2020 PS3. 

EA Sports announced that they had just released an official license of PES 2020 PS3 Apk gaming. Both Konami and EA Sports did the upgrades on this game to present the best soccer game of the year. As the gamers, you must want to know what upgrades Konami and EA Sports did over this game. Let’s check the following information out. 

PES 2020 PS3 Apk‘s Most Realistic Gameplay

For your information, Konami has inserted a new football player who can make the game more fun and challenging. Andres Iniesta, a well-known, senior Barcelona player, is ready to play. In the virtual version, this player will show off his best skill of passing the ball. He is also so popular with his best dribbling. As the senior player, Iniesta is very skillful in observing the situation on court. All these points are similar with all those things in the real world. 

Standard and Legend Editions

The gamers can also see another key player who annually be PES’ brand ambassador and cover. Correct! It’s Messi. For several times, Lionel Messi has been a cover of PES series. Even, in this newest series, Messi is as the cover guy of PES 2020 PS3 Apk Standard edition. 

Related to PES 2020 PS3 Apk edition, Konami released two options of PES 2020 editions: standard edition and legend edition. As mentioned earlier, a standard-edition PES 2020 has Messi for the cover. But for legend-edition PES 2020, it has a legend player from Brazil, Ronaldinho, for the cover. Of course, both would be a great choice of game we’re gonna play these days.

Let’s back to  gameplay quality; there is an element that plays a significant role for the gameplay. This element is able to produce the best gameplay, including the visual/ animation and movement (expression). Konami calls this element a one-touch. 

One-touch planted on PES 2020 PS3 Apk is the newest technology product that can support the quality of gameplay. The players’ movements on the gameplay, for instance, look so perfect, smooth, and responsive due to this kind of technology. 

The technology possibly makes all movements, including the facial expressions of the players clearly detected. Do you remember what kind of facial expression and movement demonstrated by Ronaldinho when he’s dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball? It also happens in the gameplay. 

PES 2020 Presents Manager of Club in Virtual Version

There is a special feature you can access to try this interesting section (a section when a manager of a club appears on press release). This section can only be accessed if you use a new mode: Master League. 

A New Mode: MatchDay

Connected to the mode of gameplay on PES 2020 PS3 Apk, the gamers can also try a new mode called MatchDay. This mode is able to filter various matches into the competitive ones. With this new mode support, the gamers can collect their winning points and then calculate them. The total points, then, can be a deposit for the next high-level matchday. 

The gamers, with their collected points, will be on face-to-face against other games. They will be the representative of virtual players in semifinal and final matches. This is called a MatchDay. 

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