PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020: Option of Soccer Game with Low-Specs PC

PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020

Really want to play Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) but PC isn’t compatible for that game? There is the best solution anyway. PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020 is the best option for you. The game offers you the best experience of gaming without worrying about the performance of your PC. With special features and technology additions, you can play this game on your low-specs PC. Before knowing the secret of this matter, let’s check a brief review of PES 6 with Patch 2020.

Review of PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020


What is actually PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020? This game is actually the first generation of Pro Evolution Soccer game developed by Konami. Different from the original version of PES 6, this one gets more upgrades for better performance but the game is compatible for low-specs PCs. Then, what are the significant differences of the original PES 6 and PES 6 with Patch 2020? 

PES 6 with Patch 2020, based on the performance, is much better, so the gamers will get better experience and more satisfaction during playing the game. The most interesting thing is that the gamers can get this new sensation even though the PCs are low in specifications. The graphic quality of the game, of course, shows better visualization. For example: the whole visualizations look so smooth. They’re rather similar to the real match in the real court of the stadium.

PC’s Minimum Specifications for PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020

Everybody must want to know the specifications of PC that are compatible with PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020, and here are the lists:

  • DirectX 8.1 for the sound card
  • NVIDIA GeForce 3, or another option is ATI Radeon 8500 for video card
  • RAM capacity: minimum 256 MB
  • Type of DVD-Room Drive
  • Operational System: minimum Windows XP or Windows 2000

For you whose PCs with those specifications, gladly you can try this game. Get the new experience of gaming with this game. In addition, there are other specifications we recommend to you.

Recommended PC’s Specifications

There are several recommended PC’s specifications you should notice. One of them is the operational system run on the PC. The recommended one is Windows XP or Windows 2000 with Intel Pentium IV support. Another key element that can be compatible for the game is the processor of a PC. We take Processor 1.4 GHz for the best performance. RAM 512 MB is better. What about the DVD room type for PC that’s compatible with PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020? The most recommended one is DVD-Room Drive. 

Graphic feature, in addition, we have NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti. But you can also pick another best one like the ATI Radeon 9600. Type of video card is DirectX 8.1 for better visual effect, while the audio of gameplay should be supported with the audio card DirectX 8.1.


Next, we’d like to share about the quality of visualization in general. Most gamers say that they are so fun and satisfied with the visualization of the game. Generally, the visualization of games is better than the original one. All aspects of visualization such as movements, facial expressions, and reactions of the players are smooth.

But the profiles of players’ faces are not similar to the real players. Amazingly, the gamers will automatically recognize each player only by the costume and the number of the costum. Beside the costum, gamers can also recognize the players simply from the typical habits and skills commonly performed by those players in the court. 


With an observation, we can say that PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020 takes some features inserted in PES 2011. The features used for graphic and audio are the examples. The options of leagues on the game are also inspired from the leagues in PES 2011. 

With the upgrade on PES 6 PS3 with Patch 2020, you as PES 6 lovers can enjoy the game and play the game from your low-specs PC. This is the end of our content. Hopefully this content is useful for you.

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